In the beginning ...

A dummy clip I brought

In the beginning before Tiny Blings, I gave birth to my second child. He constantly lost or dropped his dummies (or pacifier if you will), this lead me to look for a dummy (pacifier) clip for him, like most parents. After purchasing a few I realised that I could actually make them myself, and with the luxuary of time, creative inspiration, and youtube - I learnt how to make them.

Like with anything you try for the first time, I was not the best at it, I did not use the best materials and I saw lots that were much better than mine. Over time I got better and friends and family began to enquire about them.

One day after making a few Clips the name 'Tiny Blings' popped into my head. It then became an actual venture that day in September 2015.

After realising that I could actually make something with a little bit of effort I started to make hair bows, again like the dummy clips the first bows that I made were not that great. It took some practice and lots of mistakes but eventually I started to make some half decent items, and guess what people actually spent their money to buy what I had made! My first customers were Chantel, Sasha and Tumi Davina and I would like to thank you for giving me the confidence to keep on going.

When deciding to take Tiny Blings seriously I made a decision to make sure Tiny Blings wasn't just Bows and Dummy clips. Our aim is to encourage parents and guardians to promote the positive self-image of children and young people.

Tiny Blings now makes children's accessories and provides shoe and clothes customisations we also offer a custom made to order service.

I would like to encourage you if you have a idea that you have considered making into a reality. If your mind can conceive it your hands can achieve it.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm Possible. (Audrey Hepburn).

I would like to thank The Most High Ahayah for this journey.